4 Tips for Helping Baby Get to Sleep…and a Product Must Have for Exhausted Moms (and Dads)

There’s a reason so much of the first year of a baby's life is a blur for moms and dads. You probably spent much of it sleep deprived and overly hormonal.

Oh, but it’s worth it, isn’t it? Snuggling their deliciously squishy bodies, watching them grow and develop into incredibly unique humans with their own personalities…it really is dreamy.

And, it can certainly feel like a dream if you’re still struggling with bedtime.

I know, I know—every child is different and what works for one baby doesn’t always work for another.

That being said, we’ve gathered a few gentle, mom-approved tips and techniques that should help increase the likelihood of your wee babe settling in for a good night’s sleep. And, we’ve included a link for one of our must-have mom products that will have you looking like a million bucks…even on days when you’re short on zzz’s.

Nail down your nighttime routine

Engaging in stimulating activities close to bedtime is guaranteed to ensure your baby (and you) are up all night. As best you can, begin implementing a routine for the hour or so before bedtime. Give your baby a soothing bath, snuggle and read, rock while listening to soft music. 

Whatever you decide works best for your baby, try to keep pre-bedtime activities the same every night. This will teach your baby that bedtime is coming soon.

Put your baby down before he or she is asleep

I know this one may sound crazy…and there are days when you want to be absolutely certain your baby is out like a light before you lay them in their crib. But, hear me out.

Laying your baby down when they are sleepy but still awake helps them draw the connection between their bed and sleeping. Remember to always lay your baby on their back and to remove any toys or soft blankets from the crib.

Let your baby settle

It’s likely (especially if this is your first time putting a drowsy baby down for sleep) that your child will fuss a bit as he or she works to find a comfortable position.

Let me be clear—I am NOT advocating for allowing a baby to cry for hours on end. But I am suggesting that you give your sweet baby time to settle and squirm before scooping them up. Try entering the room and offering a reassuring pat on the back…or two…or twelve. Whatever it takes. Knowing you are nearby may provide the assurance baby needs to drift off.

Respect your baby’s preferences

Sometimes there is just no getting around your baby’s hardwiring. Some are early birds, rising at the crack of dawn, while others are night owls who stay up late into the evening.

If you are able, try to adjust your bedtime routine to compliment baby’s natural preferences. If you know your baby gets up early, consider turning in early yourself so you’re not exhausted when they wake for the day.

If you're baby is having trouble going dow, you can also try walking him or her to sleep while wearing your sling. The ring sling will help to calm and soothe your baby and once they fall asleep, you can transfer them gently to their crib or bed.

And, as promised, we have a product recommendation for you…for those days when no one has gotten much sleep and you feel as if you’re more zombie than human. Our Under Eye Gel is incredibly nourishing for your skin. Spa-worthy ingredients like hyaluronic acid, collagen peptides, and orchid stem cells leave your delicate under-eye area deeply hydrated and refreshed. I keep mine in the fridge and use it morning and evening for a refreshing dose of hydration.

And so…

To all of the parents out there who have baby’s bedtime routine down to a science we say…congratulations!

And to those of you who are struggling to get enough sleep because of your early bird or night owl…we get it. We hear you and we have been you. Hang in there…and wait for the day when that sweet, squishy baby is a big, beautiful teenager…who regularly sleeps until noon.

Here’s to a nurturing nighttime routine!

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