5 Fantastic Mother’s Day Gifts for the Mother to Be in Your Life

Friends, can we discuss how quickly Mother’s Day is approaching?


If you have a mother-to-be in your life you need to honor her this Mother’s Day…it’s such a unique season, what with baby nestled safely in the womb. The two are intimately connected yet haven’t officially met…yet.

If you’re wondering what to get the mother-to-be in your life, fear not. We have gathered a carefully curated list of mommy must-have’s the MTB you love most is sure to adore. 

Aiden Milkmaid Robe 

A pretty robe does wonders for the soul, and this beauty by Milk Maid Goods is just what every mommy wants—a robe that is buttery soft, breathable, and secure (meaning no accidental peek-a-boo moments). If you really want to gild the lily, pick up a matching a matching swaddle and hat set for baby…they’re absolutely swoon-worthy!

Nalakai Ring Sling 

Speaking of gifts that benefit mommy and baby, you can’t go wrong gifting one of our beautifully stylish and fully functional ring slings.

We love this Ocean Tide version, with deep blue transitioning to serene white…it’s visually calming and incredibly comfortable to wear. And the lightweight bamboo and linen fabric ensure mommy and baby stay cool and comfortable no matter long the sling is used.

Pure Silk Sleep Mask

We all know how precious good sleep is to a mom with a new baby. Everyone tells you to sleep when the baby sleeps—but that can be hard in the middle of the afternoon. 

A high-quality sleep mask can make a world of difference, and mom will love the indulgent feeling of cool silk against her skin. This silky soft mask is available in a variety of fun colors any mom will love.

Nalakai Healing Herbal Sitz Bath

Is there anything better than giving someone a gift they didn’t know they needed but absolutely love? Self-care following delivery is incredibly important and our Healing Herbal Sitz Bath is an essential must-have for mothers to nurture the body that served them so well during pregnancy.

Mom simply adds a heaping scoop…or two…of our sitz bath blend to warm bath water and the special blend of herbs and salts used by midwives for centuries will work its magic on delicate skin.

Letters to My Baby

Such a great gift for a mommy-to-be! This sweet book is full of prompts that encourage mom to write about her pregnancy and delivery experience to her wee babe. The letters can then be sealed and given to the child at a later date. 

And there you have it…a list of gifts any mom-to-be will love. Don’t be surprised if your thoughtfulness surprises a new mom—after all, she’s so busy running to doctor’s appointments, preparing a nursery, and nesting in general, that she may have overlooked the fact that she, too, deserves to be celebrated on Mother’s Day.

Here’s to honoring the mothers and mother figures in our lives…who knows where we’d be without them.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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