5 Postpartum Must-Have’s for New Mamas

We all know how miraculous the birth experience can be. The capabilities of the female body are breathtaking! But it is important to acknowledge that the transition from pregnancy to motherhood requires nurturing the body that served you so well, so we’ve gathered a list of five items to have on hand to honor and support your body in the next phase of the motherhood journey.

You don’t need to “bounce back” right after birth. Take your time mama. Rest, recover and enjoy all the snuggles in bed with your tiny little one. Planning ahead and finding natural healing aids will help you feel so much better after birth. If you have any questions, comment below. We are always here for you! 

Natracare Organic Pads, $5

Regardless of your delivery journey, you can expect to experience bleeding for up to six weeks following the birth of your baby. Natracare organic pads are made of cotton and plant cellulose and are biodegradable and compostable. Not only that, these pads are thinner but every bit as absorbent as bulkier pads. We also love the price point!

Nalakai Organic Healing Herbal Sitz Bath Soak, $18

Sitz baths—soaking the vaginal/perineal area in a warm, shallow bath—are doubly wonderful. Not only do they aid in healing, but they also provide an opportunity to indulge in a bit of self-care following delivery.

Our herbal sitz bath soak is full of healing herbs to reduce swelling and pain…and it smells incredible! Whether you’re dealing with post-partum hemorrhoids or general pain and discomfort, you’ll be amazed at how quickly this blend of herbs and sea salt can provide relief.

Our herbal sitz bath is 100% organic and natural so it will not irritate sensitive or sore skin. This ancient recipe of herbs has been passed down by generations of midwives. The herbal blend will keep you clean, help heal sore muscles, reduce swelling, reduce pain and reduce irritation from hemorrhoids. Enjoy! 

Frida Mom Upside Down Peri Bottle, $16

A good peri bottle is a MUST for post-partum mamas—they are essential for keeping the delivery area clean and they help promote healing. And, if you needed stitches after delivery, a peri bottle is a great way to thoroughly clean around sutures.

We love this bottle by Frida Mom because of its angled neck which allows you to target your water stream exactly where you need it. As one Amazon reviewer noted, “You deserve this for pushing a baby out!”…and we have to agree.

Nalakai Healing Herbal Perineal Spray, $20

There are days when you just don’t have time for a sitz bath, and that is where our healing spray comes in handy. You will love the numbing and cooling sensation provided by our unique blend of aloe, lavender, witch hazel and herbs.

The upside-down spray feature allows you to easily reach painful hemorrhoids and episiotomies without touching sore areas. Even if you do have time for a sitz bath, we think you’ll love having this soothing spray on hand to use between soaks.

Put perineal spray is aloe based and all natural, so it will not irritate your skin. You can use while your pregnant and any time post partum. The aloe, witch hazel and lavender will help to keep you clean and fresh and also helps to prevent infection. This amazon spray will quickly reduce swelling and soreness. It smells amazing too. I keep mine in the bathroom and still use it whenever I want to freshen up! 

Traditional Medicinals Mothers Milk Tea, $25

This lactation tea has been around for decades. With a soothing, slightly sweet licorice flavor, this caffeine-free herbal tea is packed with ingredients that can promote healthy lactation. And the flavor is so delicious you’ll likely keep it on hand long after you’ve finished nursing…it’s that good!

And so…

For all of you mothers who are soon to deliver, know we are cheering you on from afar. Your body is perfectly made for this journey.

And for those who have newly delivered bundles of joy at home, our hearts sing for you and your expanded family. 

We hope these products help ease the discomforts of the birth process, and we trust you to carve out time to honor yourself and your body for the miraculous journey you just accomplished.

What a wonder you are!

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