Benefits of Babywearing

There are so many benefits to wearing your baby! Cuddling up close to your little one in the sling is a wonderful way to get to know your newborn and for the baby to get to know you! The snug position and the sound of your heartbeat can instantly calm your baby. Our slings will bring you closer to your little ones both physically and emotionally while giving you the hands-free freedom to tackle your day.


Aside from just being close physically, when you wear your baby, both mother and child release the ‘love’ hormone Oxytocin, enabling you both to connect emotionally, and to align your breathing, temperature and heart-rate in relation to each other. Some experts refer to the first three months after a baby is born as the ‘fourth trimester’. During this time, infants are adjusting to the outside world and need constant support and touch from their mothers. The baby isn’t able to separate himself from you mentally, so keeping you connected physically in your Pura Vida Sling carrier offers the most similar sensation to being back in the womb!

We are often encouraged by the media, family and even strangers to separate ourselves from our babies, to avoid ‘spoiling them’. We are inundated with fancy must-have baby items like strollers, bouncers, Pinterest-worthy nurseries and toys to encourage ‘self-soothing’ and ‘self-settling’. In reality, this goes against nature. For the first seven months or so, your baby thinks you are actually attached to their cute little body, just like when they lived in your womb. Wearing your baby helps develop a strong attachment and makes infants feel more secure as they transition into the real world.


Studies have shown almost a 50% reduction rate of crying and fussing in babies more frequently carried by their mothers, fathers and/or primary caregiver. Most babies will instantly calm down when placed snuggly up against the chest of a loved one, when they can hear the heartbeat. No more tears, your Nalakai sling is here!


Crying is baby’s way of communicating to her parents that she needs something. Sometimes, just like us, baby just wants to be held. In those first few months and beyond, many parents (like me!) find that their baby will only settle and sleep when attached to them. This can mean long hours on the couch watching reruns because the remote is just out of reach, rushing to take 3 minute showers while your little one screams at you from the bouncy chair, and eating whatever random snacks you can pull out of the cupboard while longing to cook a hot meal. Nalakai Ring Slings are so easy to put on, even when you’re home alone. Our slings are so lightweight and comfortable, you can wear your baby all day, inside and out. So get your baby wrapped up in our silky smooth bamboo and you’ll be ready to Netflix and chill while eating freshly made popcorn even while taking cute pictures with your other free hand!


Many babies are born with hip instability, after having been squished into all sorts of positions in-utero. The International Hip Dysplasia Institute states that: When proper hip position is maintained while babywearing, there may be substantial benefit for natural hip development. This practice may decrease the risk of hip dysplasia, and should be encouraged in regions with high prevalence of hip dysplasia. The Institute observed that when the proper ‘M/Jockey/Spread Squat’ position is followed, healthy hip alignment is demonstrated and hip dysplasia is less likely. Always remember to place your baby in your Nalakai sling with his or her legs in an M position, with the bum below knees. Check out our video tutorial for more info.


Babywearing makes life more comfortable for both baby and mother. Not only are the needs of your baby being met, but you also have gained something you haven’t had for a while: the use of your hands! An unavoidable part of motherhood that could contribute to post-natal depression is the inability to keep up with the demands of life – whether this is general household tasks or simply eating a meal – sometimes even small tasks can become too much to bear. Nalakai Slings give you your hands back, and your life back, all in one soft, beautiful little package. You can get yourself out into the mood-lifting sunshine and get your endorphins flowing, all while looking stylish wearing your gorgeous baby in your gorgeous Nalakai Sling!

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