Eco-Friendly Fabrics

There is no question, that we as humans are causing irrevocable harm to our planet.

At Nalakai, we believe that whether big or small, every single step toward minimizing our environmental impact helps us to preserve it for the future, for our children and for our children’s children. We are fortunate to live on the beach in Costa Rica, but we also see first-hand the damage that can be done to our natural environment.

We understand that companies like Nalakai, who manufacture products, must be aware, responsible and conscious of the impact our production has on the environment. Therefore, it has been our mission right from the start to use eco-friendly constituents in our products. From our soft bamboo/linen slings to our vegan (leather-free) branding patches, we want to provide our customers with beautiful, environmentally-friendly products.

Bamboo is a sustainably grown tree and we use natural dyes to achieve the beautiful color of our fabrics. In addition, we know that baby’s skin is extra sensitive and susceptible to the elements of mother nature – including heat, wind or sunshine – so we have made our slings breathable, moisture-wicking and protective against those powerful UV rays

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