Introducing Nalakai Naturals!

I am SO excited to share my latest project with all of you! Introducing Nalakai Naturals, eco-friendly skincare for families!

My passion for natural health and the knowledge that has been passed down to me by my midwife inspired me to create a NEW skincare line for pregnant women and new moms called Nalakai Naturals. Nalakai Naturals is safe, organic and eco-friendly skin care focused on caring for women during and after pregnancy. After working closely with midwives, doctors, and industry leading chemists, we’ve developed the safest and most effective natural pre and postpartum care products on the market. 

Through becoming a mother and growing Nalakai, I realized that my passion is supporting and empowering women in their journey through pregnancy and motherhood. There are so many negative messages and negative stories. I want to change that. We are ALL goddesses, we bring life into this world! I want to help women feel more confident, and to know that they can take the time to heal slowly and naturally. We know you take the best care of your baby, let Nalakai take the best care of you.

Every choice we make impacts our health and the environment. All of our Nalakai Naturals products are made in small batches in the USA. I work with a manufacturer that I trust and know personally. We developed these products together with leading chemists in their lab. We want everything you put on your skin to have organic and natural ingredients so you can take the best possible care of yourself. You deserve it!

Our goal at Nalakai Naturals is to empower women and to support natural health. We have two products live and more on the horizon. We will continue to create and produce quality items for our beautiful mom tribe! Check out the amazing products below!

We are currently re-designing our website to include our skincare line. For right now, Nalakai Naturals are available exclusively on Amazon, which means FREE two day shipping for Prime customers!

Healing Herbal Perineal Spray

Our Perineal Spray is all natural and organic and made in the USA. The base is aloe juice to soothe and calm. We added witch hazel that we extract right as we are making the mixture so it's super fresh and will help keep you clean and soothe irritated, sore and itchy skin. Then we have cucumber, peppermint and lavender essential oils to clean, cool and refresh. The peppermint oil gives a really nice tingling sensation. No touching required, you just spray yourself whenever you need some cooling relief. This spray will be your best friend post birth. I've been there, both my children were born at home. I know that we all need a little extra relief after giving birth. This spray smells amazing and not only relieves pain, but keeps you clean and will help you heal faster!

We made this in a large 8oz bottle because you will want to keep using it. You can spray the perineal spray any time you want to freshen up. It is amazing in the morning, before bed or after going to the gym or doing an at home workout.

Click here to purchase our Perineal Spray on Amazon!

Immune Support Waterless Hand Wash

This is going to be your new must have both in your home and in your purse (we include a free travel size bottle). Our aloe based gel is super gentle on your skin and moisturizes, cleanses, and heals dry and cracked skin. It’s also amazing to put on sunburns to help with the healing and it acts as an anti-inflammatory. The gel is natural and totally safe for babies and kids. It will help heal dry baby skin, and is great to use on your kids after swimming in chlorinated pools or if they have sunburns or bug bites.

The Nalakai all natural gel supports a strong and healthy immune system which is super important with the current pandemic. Aside from aloe, we added witch hazel extract which is great to heal irritated skin, burns, itchy skin, cuts, and scrapes. Irish moss, tea tree oil, peppermint oil, rosemary oil, garlic extract and onion extract support a healthy immune system. When you put these ingredients on your skin, they are absorbed into your bloodstream, which can be even more effective than taking an oral supplement. It is a great way to give these healing ingredients to babies and toddlers, who are too small to swallow pills.

The beautiful smell comes from Neroli oil and lemon balm which aid in healing dry skin and are used in aromatherapy. The smell is very calming and helps to ease stress and anxiety. All of the ingredients are baby safe and can be used on any part  of the body. The Waterless Wash is an amazing nursing gel too! If you have sore, cracked nipples, this will really help. Apply any time because you don't have to wash it off before nursing.

Are your family's hands all sore and dry from using hand sanitizer constantly? Mine sure are! Just a few drops of our waterless wash and your hands will feel as soft as a newborn baby's.

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I want to try the Nalakai Immune Support Gel!

We have three more soothing products coming soon so watch this space. I hope you love Nalakai Naturals as much as I do. Sending a big hug from my family to yours!

Anne Ferris, Nalakai and Nalakai Naturals

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