Keeping Babies and Children Safe During Coronavirus Outbreak

Ok friends, who else is freaking out? Just know that this is normal and we are in this together! Let's just take a deep breath and focus on keeping our little ones safe.

The best way to build the immune system of a newborn is with skin to skin contact. You can wear your baby in just a diaper and you with no shirt on around the house. They absorb the bacteria from your skin, which helps develop their own immune system.

Below I’m listing my suggestions for keeping your family healthy during this time. Always ask your doctor if you have questions. 

1. Vitamin C!. This has been proven to protect against coronavirus and lower duration for those who have it. Adults can take 5000-8000 mg a day and nursing moms, this goes to your milk to protect your baby. Give toddlers multivitamins and vitamin C.

2. Colloidal silver. This liquid actually fights bacteria and viruses. Adults can take it and children over one year, just double check with your doctor.

3. Diffuse essential oils. Make sure with babies and kids to use high quality oils like DoTerra and Young Living. Baby safe oils are lavender, tea tree, chamomile and eucalyptus radiata. These oils are anti-bacterial and anti-viral so they can clean the air in your home.

4. Make sure to have a 30 day supply of any prescription meds you and your family need. Get baby Tylenol.

5. If you have children between the ages of 2-6 years old, it’s a good idea to have Tylenol suppositories. Children in this age group could have fever seizures if their temp changes too fast. During a seizure you can’t give meds orally, suppositories should be used. My son had a fever seizure when he was 2. It’s fairly normal and not a sign of epilepsy, so don’t freak out! It happens because children have an immature centra nervous system.

6. Try to stay calm and eat healthy! If you’re nursing, remember that what you eat goes to your baby. Give them a strong immune system my eating healthy fruit and veg.

7. The best way to prevent getting the virus is to strengthen your immune system. Eat healthy, take vitamin C and elderberry syrup and try to stay calm because stress weakens your immune system.

8. Be creative with fun craft activities for kids to do in the house. If you’re stuck at home, try to make it fun for everyone. We have been building pillow forts!
Sending you all my love ♥️♥️

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