Mastering the Hip Carry

Babywearing with the Nalakai Ring Sling has so many options, styles, and ways to carry your little one from the newborn phase up through the toddler phase. Once you've enjoyed the newborn snuggles and bonding up against your chest, it's time to migrate to the hip carry. Sad I know!! How do they grow so fast?? 

Carrying your baby on your hip is the most natural and automatic thing for a parent to do. If I had a counter for how many times I've picked up my kids and swung them onto my hip I think I would hit a world record! This does get extremely tiresome throughout the day and starts to take a toll on your arms and lower back.

The hip carry position with the ring sling is great for babies over 6 months and toddlers. Your little one will get to see out into the world, while still having their legs in the M position (bum below knees), which is best for optimal hip development. Now that they're facing out, they can learn by watching faces, and your little one is at conversational height- the best seat in the house!

Your growing baby is now focusing on objects, faces, and the environment around them. The outside world captivates their attention. Carrying them in the hip carry will fuel their curiosity while easing the pain on your lower back and have your hands free to get some work done! 


With toddlers this is super beneficial because they have a safety net or a "home base" to go back to. This will continue the closeness and the bonding experience as they grow! This gives them space to explore the world while maintaining their safe spot. 

Getting your baby into the correct hip carry position is pretty easy if you have already been using the front carry. You just start with the rings right behind your shoulder (back side of your body) , then you put your baby in the sling just like you would for the front carry. Once your baby is in the sling and adjusted, you lift their bum and swing them over to your hip! That should put the rings just below your collarbone. Just be sure to do your safety checks and have a nice deep seat with baby's bum below knees, and the bottom rail fabric down baby's back, around the bum and into the knee pits.

Have any questions on how to properly get your baby or toddler into a hip carry position? Please watch this tutorial and don't hesitate to ask any questions in the comments below.

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