Nalakai Naturals Healing Herbal Sitz Bath

Hello beautiful mamas!! I hope you are easing in August nicely and are finding ways to adapt to these crazy times! One thing that I find us moms struggling with is finding time or making time to take care of ourselves. We constantly put our families first while trying to balance work, meals, school, etc.! One of the main reasons I started the skincare line, Nalakai Naturals, was to support and empower mothers from all over the world and to provide products that help mothers to heal naturally. While you are busy caring for others we at Nalakai Naturals will care for you!

Before we introduce our newest member of the Nalakai Naturals family make sure you read about our first two products here! 

Now....I'm so excited to introduce you to our organic herbal sitz bath. This is a super blend of dead sea salts and organic dried herbs and flowers that will dramatically reduce swelling, hemorrhoids and post birth bleeding. 

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We want you to heal as quickly and as naturally as possible. My midwife made me a sitz bath when my first son was born and I could not believe the huge difference it made in my swelling in just one day! Plus, this gives you an excuse to take a moment for your self and enjoy a bath that smells amazing, like lavender and sage.

I must say that hemorrhoids are NOT your friends!!! And the swelling? No thank you. Our sitz bath postpartum will quickly and naturally reduce pain, itching and swelling from hemorrhoids. You can use it any time you need. The dead sea salts reduce swelling and organic witch hazel leaf, sage, plaintain leaf and calendula flowers reduce irritation, itching and calm sore skin. Use when pregnant, post birth and any time to quickly help heal hemorrhoids. 

The mix is safe to use right after birth, even if you have tearing. In fact, it will help keep you clean, prevent infection and help you heal faster.

We packed it full of organic, healing herbs and it SMELLS GREAT! It is an ancient recipe passed down by generations of midwives, made by women who understand your body and your needs.

How to use:

1. Make a ‘tea’ by adding two big spoons of the herbs to a liter of boiling water

2. Let it sit and then add to a sitz bath tub, your bath tub or even a baby bath where you sit and soak.

3. Allow the lavender smell to calm and relax you and the herbs to ease the pain. 

Our special launch price is $10 less than the original price for a limited time! Our retail price is $24.95 and right now you can snag a big 16oz jar for just $14.95!

Whether you're pregnant, just gave birth, or want to gift an expecting mama something that will help her heal, head over and get yours now! Check it out here! And as always, all Nalakai Naturals products are made in the USA in small batches with manufacturer we know personally and trust. 

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