Oh the Places You'll Go....With Your Nalakai Ring Sling!

Babywearing benefits are endless!!! Cuddling up close to your little one in the sling is a wonderful way to get to know your newborn and for the baby to get to know you! Having your baby up against your chest will allow them to hear your heartbeat which will calm them down and provide a sense of comfort . If you’re on the fence about babywearing and want to learn more read our blog- The Many Benefits of Babywearing here.

Aside from the benefits for your baby, let’s talk about the benefits for mama!!! Because as always we put ourselves last and what I love about the ring sling is that you can get back to doing things you love while not sacrificing a sleeping baby or having to have someone watch them. 

With Covid-19 hovering over our heads we are left feeling helpless with choices on what we can do to stay active, be a bit social (with the distancing of course), and not wanting to invite people to hold your child and pass around your baby. I wanted to share ways you can use your sling to keep you up to speed with life, activities, and endless list of daily tasks.


Now I’m not saying wear your baby during a HIIT workout BUT having your baby snug against you leaves you the option of having your hands free. You can use the weight of your baby to do squats, have your hands free to lift light weights, or get that beautiful fresh air and go on a nice natural walk or hike. Get yourself out into the mood-lifting sunshine and get your endorphins flowing.

Grocery Shopping

Have you experienced grocery shopping with a bulky carrier/car seat?? It’s so challenging.  Finding space in the cart, trying to juggle the carrier while holding grocery bags in your free hand with your keys dangling from your mouth...no thank you! The ring sling is easy and quick to wear. Watch our tutorial here!

Coffee or Brunch with Friends

How great do you feel after an afternoon catch up with your girlfriends? Post baby hang outs do not have to be confined to your couch anymore! Fix up your hair (which I’m sure is in a messy bun) throw on some gloss and treat yourself to a few hours out of the house. You’ll look super stylish in the ring sling and you can easily breastfeed your baby since your baby is already to one side and not miss a beat! We all know time with friends is so precious. 

Toddler Play Dates

If you have an older child, babywearing is an IDEAL way to reduce sibling rivalry. You can still take your older one to the park so he won’t miss out on playing with friends. You’ll still be able to be involved, push a swing, or follow him around with your hands free to multi-task. Plus our bamboo and linen material is breathable, moisture-wicking and protective against those powerful UV rays.

Farmer’s Market

I adore Farmer’s Markets. It’s a great way to support local small businesses while simultaneously being outside and reaping the benefits of fresh air! With your baby strapped safely to your chest you are able to browse all of the stands and walk comfortably. Having your baby tightly strapped to your chest will also avoid strangers from trying to get too close or even touch them. We can never be too safe during these times! 

At Nalakai, we want to continue to inspire moms and dads to wear their babies close to their heart by offering beautiful, soft, strong and economical carriers. Have a beautiful day! 

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