Fun Outdoor Social Distancing Activities for Your Family

Every time I write a blog I’m thinking to myself...how are we still here? The ups and downs of this pandemic are weighing hard on everyone. Both parents and children, partners and spouses, and co-workers and businesses are all continually trying new ways to navigate the new norm. I admit, some days I’m positive, energetic, full of ideas while I’m sipping on my healthy green juice. On the contrary, there are days where I haven’t changed out of my pajamas and had potato chips for lunch. Both are ok. Rules are out the window and we are just trying our best everyday. 

Through all of the peaks and valleys it has forced us to be a little creative with activities we can do to both keep us safe and avoid boredom. Thankfully it’s summer so the warmer weather helps expand our options to successfully socially distance yet feel like we are doing something "social". When you're outside, fresh air is constantly moving, dispersing these droplets. So, you're less likely to breathe in enough of the respiratory droplets containing the virus that causes COVID-19 to become infected. 

Our kids have been home for four months now! I can't even remember when they went to school. Last month we were in a bit of a rut in my house. I thought, ok its time to get creative and start having some fun this summer!

Here’s a small list of things that we have done that has gotten us out of the house while keeping the cost low and everyone safe. 

1. Go Camping

Camping is a great way to feel like you’re getting away on a mini-vacation. Since we are so limited on where we can travel due to the travel bans, it may seem like a vacation is so far fetched. Pack up the trunk with a few tents, flashlights, and some food and get yourself set up for some fresh air and fun! It doesn’t have to be far, you can do this in your backyard! It just gives you the feeling of adventure and sleeping beneath the stars is a severely underrated thing that we don’t do often enough! 

2. Outdoor Movie Nights

If you have the space for it, get an outdoor projector screen. They range from $60-$160 give or take. This is an amazing way to cuddle up with your kids, grab some blankets and watch their favorite movie outside! If you are friendly with your neighbors, it's a great purchase to split! This way you can alternate movie nights, be a little social but still keep a safe distance. Warm summer nights are meant to be spend outside! I found this one to be great value as it comes with both the screen and the LCD projector. If those unwanted mosquitos find their way under your blanket we got you covered! Our amazing all natural waterless wash is also great to put on those bites! 

3. Recreate Field Day

This was a favorite of mine when I was a kid. There are endless games you can set up outside while using supplies/items you already have on hand in your own home. You set the rules first where they're clear boundaries set regarding how close you can get to one another. If you are running low on creativity, let Pinterest do it for you. There are tons of resources and ideas you can use to come up with a fun filled afternoon for both you and your kiddos! Here's a list to get you started. 

4. Plant a Garden

Try a fun way to have a more eco-friendly home. What a better time to start than now! Whether you live in an apartment or have a yard there are tons of resources and guides on how to start your garden from scratch. I do NOT have a green thumb but love that I can get cilantro for my recipe right here in my own home! This also helps those last minute runs to the store when you realize mid-way into your recipe that you're missing rosemary (guilty). This is a great way to have your kids in charge of something. They'll love seeing their spices grow when they know it's because they have nourished them on their own!  

5. Scavenger Hunt

This is like hide and seek to the max! I absolutely love scavenger hunts. Just a notepad, pen, and some hiding spots will do the trick! This will have your kids running all over the backyard releasing all of the bottled up energy. Have a fun prize at the end to motivate them to finish. Need some scavenger hunt tips and tricks? Click here!

Always remember to protect your skin from the sun while doing all of these activities! Keep your Nalakai Naturals Waterless Wash on hand to soothe your skin after a full day out! Our aloe based gel is super soothing and healing and works great on sunburned skin and will relieve the itch of bug bites while also helping them to heal.

What are some of your favorite social distancing activities? Comment below and share your ideas! 

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