Promoting Paternal Bonds: 5 Ways Babybearing Brings Dads and Babies Closer

Increasingly, men are taking more prominent roles in the lives of their children and we could not be happier! For too long, child rearing has been relegated to mothers, with fathers taking a back seat.

How lovely it is that times are changing, and fathers are now welcomed into the wonderful world of baby raising, to be active participants in this developmentally important season for their child. Babywearing is a wonderful way to increase the bond between father and child, and it often gives mom a much-needed break.

Let’s look at 5 ways babywearing is beneficial to dads and their babies.

Strengthens Bond Between Baby and Dad

Research shows that dads experience the same oxytocin (feel good hormone) rush that moms do when holding their baby. When dads wear their baby for extended periods of time, they experience that hormone rush, and baby has the chance to become accustomed to dad’s scent, voice, and presence, building a strong bond between the two.

Gives Mom a Much-Needed Break 

Is there anything more beautiful than a partner who is eager to share parenting duties? If you’re home with a newborn, you know how much work Mom put in growing and delivering her wee babe.

Babywearing allows dads to take over nurturing duties so mom can spend time enjoying a little self-care (or sneaking in a glorious nap).

Lets Dad Do All the Things

Dads are often doers—they like to get things done and take care of business. Babywearing frees up your hands, allowing you to fold laundry, wash dishes, clean the garage, or make a grocery run with baby secured safely to your chest.

Counts as Exercise

Depending on the age of your child, you could be walking around with an extra 8 – 40 pounds strapped to your chest…why not take advantage of it?

Many dads enjoy getting out for a walk with baby in tow. Some get in weight-bearing exercises like squats or climbing up or down stairs. You might be surprised at the quality of the workout you can achieve while babywearing.

It’s Empowering

Unfortunately, stereotypes still exist and there are people out there who assume Dad simply cannot provide the same level of care for an infant as Mom. Although this is fundamentally untrue, new dads sometimes feel unsure about their ability to care for a newborn.

Babywearing is an excellent way to build confidence and help new dads understand their place in the family unit.

For Dads, babywearing is an easy way to increase bonding and provide a real opportunity for him to help in child rearing.

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As is the case for moms, wearing baby close to the heart is a transformative experience for dads. We can’t wait for you to try it yourself and embrace the babywearing experience!

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