Self-Care Sunday when Pregnant: How to Carve Out a Sacred Time for Your Wellbeing

Hello, friends 

Have you heard of “Self-Care Sunday”? It’s a global movement dedicated to carving out a little time during week just for you. 

Self-care is always important, but when you are pregnant—when you add the miracle and responsibility of growing new life within you on top of all the other plates you must keep spinning—it is doubly important that you…and your wee babe…are put at the top of the priority list for some much-needed self-care.

While the movement touts Sunday, any day that works for you can be a designated self-care day. (As a matter of fact, we regularly celebrate “Taco Tuesday” on Saturday). The key is to build self-care time into your schedule…then keep your appointment just as you would a wellness visit with your doctor. 

Self-care is that important.

If you’re wondering how to fill a day of self-care, we’ve got you covered. Let’s look at 5 ideas to get the most out of your self-care day.


There may be part of you that longs for a day when you can relax and spend hours scrolling the ‘gram. While the idea may be tempting, I want to encourage you to try a digital detox during self-care—turn off the television, power down the laptop, and put your phone on do not disturb. Disconnect from the global world and social media—and all the negativity that comes with it—and learn how to be comfortable and fully present in the here and now.

Wake Up Softly

I hope you’re able to give yourself (and your babe) a full day of care. Begin by waking up softly. Turn off alarms and let yourself swim into consciousness slowly and lovingly. Tell the baby good morning and share your self-care agenda. Let your hands run over the cool softness of your sheets. Watch the morning sunlight dance into the room and revel in the promise it holds. Make a cup of tea then hop back into bed to enjoy it at your leisure. Allowing yourself a loving awakening to the day is something we rarely enjoy, so soak up this sweet time with yourself and your miracle.

Nourish Your Body

Have delicious and nutritious foods available to enjoy throughout your day. Whole grains, luscious berries, and deep green, leafy vegetables will nourish you and the baby. Keep easy snacks on hand for whenever you get hungry. Have your pregnancy partner make a mini charcuterie board for you filled with all your favorites and take a moment to savor the delicious flavors of your most-loved foods.

Get Outdoors

Take a walk outside. Go to a nearby park and sit with sun on your face. Take off your shoes and run your toes through the cool of the grass. Breathe in fresh air and get your daily dose of vitamin D. Enjoy a hike with someone you love. Being outside is a wonderful way to reconnect with mother nature and will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated.

Pamper Yourself

If there is a practice that feels decadent to you, do that on your self=care day. Spend hours reading a book, take an obscenely long bubble bath, paint your fingernails, or take a yoga class. If it soothes your soul, if it feels like a luxury, indulge those activities that make you feel spoiled, pampered, and well cared for.

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And there you have it, sisters. Wherever you are in your motherhood journey, start the habit of self-care now. Look at your calendar today and block out time this week. If you aren’t ready to block out a full day yet, find half a day to reserve for yourself and work your way up.

Create for yourself a sabbath, a day that is sacred for you and the miracle growing inside you. And, once that baby enters the world and begins to grow, and learn, and watch what you do, he or she will see that their mama knows the importance of loving herself. What a wonderful role model you are! 

Carry on with self-care, sisters.


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