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Postpartum Routine


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Healing Pre and Postpartum Bundle from Nalakai Naturals
The perfect products to help you heal and feel comfortable while you’re pregnant and after giving birth. You take the best care of your baby, Nalakai Naturals will take the best care of you.


Healing Herbal Perineal Spray - This all-natural spray will cool, soothe and keep you clean down there. Made with healing aloe, witch hazel and lavender to prevent infection, reduce swelling. It will help any tears, hemorrhoids and sore muscles to recover faster. All the ingredients are natural and organic, so you can use this spray knowing that you’re taking the best care of yourself and your baby. It’s great to use when pregnant as well!


Healing Herbal Sitz Bath - The Nalakai sitz bath is packed full of organic herbs that will help you heal quickly and naturally. You deserve to take a moment for self-care and you will love the wonderful, calming aroma of the bath. You’ll be amazed at how quickly this organic herbal sitz bath will help your body heal post-birth. The powerful herbal blend will quickly and dramatically reduce swelling, treat hemorrhoids and ease the pain of sore perineal muscles and tears.


Restore Adanced Firming Lotion – Our firming lotion restores your skin’s natural elasticity and smells like heaven in a jar! Enjoy a luxurious firming cream for your whole body. Restore has an advanced fruit-based alpha hydroxy formula with CoQ10 that will help to firm your skin, leave you super moisturized and help reduce the look of stretch marks and scars.

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