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Ring Sling - Light Sea Green

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Sea Green is a really fun and tropical green inspired by our home at the beach in Costa Rica. This bamboo and linen fabric is light, bright and happy and will surely make you smile. Sea Green is the perfect color for both boys and girls and is a must-have for summer. We have paired this fabric with our matte silver unwelded aluminum rings

Wearing your baby close to your heart in our ring slings gives  your little one a deep sense of trust & belonging. Even a colicky baby will be soothed quickly to sleep as you carry them. Carried babies cry less and learn more!
Unlike backpack and wrap carriers, Nalakai slings (or Pura Vida Slings)  are super easy to put on and off, with no buckles or ties. They are so soft and lightweight, perfect to wear around the house while you work, get things done or have your hands free to play with your other kids.