Babywearing- Ring Sling or Wrap Carrier

The backyard birds are chirping, flowers are in bloom, and that warm spring sun against your skin feels like you hit the lotto!! Warmer weather boosts my mood so much! I feel like in warmer weather I'm MUCH more social, I make more plans and have so many fun birthday parties and backyard bbq's to attend. I can't wait for normal summer life to begin again.

Having a baby makes running out of your house a bit more time consuming. Did I grab the wipes? Do I have extra diapers? Yikes, where did I put his bear? While you're scrambling to pack your bag for your afternoon out, having your baby in a carrier up against you makes it 100 times easier to be on the go and grab those last minute essentials.

Now the debate. Which type of carrier is best for your baby AND yourself? Don't forget about you. Ring slings or wrap carriers? They're both quite similar on the eye but have their differences. Now obviously, we make ring slings, so we're biased. But let's talk about the benefits of both.

Baby Wrap Carriers

Baby wraps are stretchy and have A LOT more fabric than ring sling. They are good for newborns, but as babies grow, they sink and stretch the stretchy fabric. Wraps great for babies up to 15lbs (give or take a few). Your wrap may not last you as long as you hoped for with a growing baby but you'll still have your sweet moments with your baby up agains your chest. 

With warmer weather at our fingertips we want to keep our baby cool and comfortable. The wrap tends to be a lot hotter on your baby than a ring sling but is shares the benefit of keeping your baby close while giving your hands some freedom to do other tasks. 


    • Folds neatly and fits perfectly in your diaper bag or purse 
    • Inexpensive and a wide variety of colors
    • Baby worn close to help the baby feel secure and safe
    • Hugs the parents and baby’s curves and contours


  • The long fabric can be hard to manage in a pinch
  • Stretchy fabric doesn't work for older babies
  • You can only wear a wrap safely with your baby facing in
  • Hotter, and will wrinkle your clothes and leave more swear marks than a wrap


Ring Slings 

Similar to wraps, ring slings keep your baby nice and close leaving your hands free to carry on with your day. The first difference is the ring that allows simple adjustment and the ability to leave it pre-tied, saving tons of time in the long run. For us moms, time is everything. Ring slings are easy and quick to put on and with one hand. Lord knows we need any extra hands we can get.

Ring Slings work up to 35lbs. I still wear my daughter at 2 years old making those sweet moments last a bit longer. As babies get older, you can do the hip carry after about 6 months which allows babies and toddlers to look out to the world. Want to know all the benefits of babywearing? Check out our blog here!

Having the adjustable sling makes it easy to quickly transition to breast feeding. We know when they're hungry, it's go time. 

Some like it hot...well not too hot. Nalakai's ring sling fabrics are hand crafted with eco-friendly fabrics bamboo & linen. 

The bamboo fiber itself is filled with tiny gaps that improve ventilation in warm weather and provide insulation in the cold. Bamboo also offers UV protection, cutting out 97.5% of harmful UV rays.

Known to be the world’s strongest natural fiber, linen lasts a very long time and will never stretch or lose its shape. You can wear it as your baby grows! 


  • Adjustable and easy to take on & off and share between multiple caregivers.
  • Quick to pop in your baby and have your hands free.
  • Great for breastfeeding as child is already to one side
  • Super compact and fits in your diaper bag or purse.
  • Lightweight & durable
  • Keeps mom and baby more cool than a wrap, and looks stylish!

In the end whether you're a baby wrap person or a ring sling person, both give the benefits of babywearing. When you wear your baby, your little one feels safe and secure. And from this place of security, they begin to develop their own confidence and independence.

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  • I purchased my Nalakai ring sling about a month ago now. I am OBSESSED. I love babywearing and my second child is 2 months old and loves to be held. I read several reviews and selected this ring sling for the great safety and comfort reviews, the linen/bamboo blend and the pocket! The videos were so helpful with the learning curve. Anne makes the brand very personable. It is so quick and easy to use/adjust, nice and cool in the heat, and so beautiful to wear with outfits. It is a lifesaver to have my hands free for my toddler. I wear it everyday. I love having my little girl snuggled in close in there. Would recommend!


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